Tintou Ltd

Simon Dickson returned to the consultancy space in March 2021, with the formation of Tintou Ltd – a business focused on supporting the delivery of enterprise-grade development of WordPress-based websites and online services.

Tintou Ltd is the successor to Puffbox Ltd, Simon’s late-noughties consultancy focused on WordPress solutions for government; and Code For The People Ltd, the agency he co-founded in 2012, delivering WordPress projects for the likes of Stephen Fry, Oxford University and the Rolling Stones.

Tintou spells out the initial letters of ‘there is no them, only us‘. Fellow U2 fans may recognise it as a lyric from the song Invisible. Proper U2 diehards will also know it from Rise Above, from the band’s soundtrack to the ill-fated Spider-Man musical, Turn Off The Dark. It’s one of Simon’s greatest personal regrets that he never got to see that show on Broadway before it closed.

It’s also the main thing Simon learned over the course of his adult life. Having grown up in a culture based entirely on us-versus-them, it was eyeopening to discover ‘they’ were remarkably similar to ‘us’. Somehow, it’s a lesson that’s of increased importance today.

Tintou Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales, number 13282416. Its registered address is:

1 High Street
RG19 3JG
United Kingdom

but don’t go looking for Simon there. He doesn’t hang out there very often.