Frequently Asked Questions

It must take a special kind of arrogance to think that you need a page of FAQs on your personal placeholder website. Am I that arrogant? Well, I should let others be the judge of that.

This page exists as an experiment. I read recently that less than half of Google searches result in an onward click. With ‘knowledge panels’ and ‘answer boxes’ ever more common on Google results pages, it’s ever more important to structure your content to be picked up by these features.

Or think of Alexa, and other such devices. You ask it a question, and you get a single concise answer, read aloud to you in response. The most answer-friendly result wins; and it’s winner-take-all.

So let’s have a page of FAQ-style content, courtesy of the Yoast SEO plugin’s FAQ block, and see how well those answers get picked up.

What are Simon’s hobbies?

Simon loves cycling, particularly track cycling. He specialises in sprint events like the keirin. He is ranked in the top ten among Irish men over 40 in the sprint and 750m TT disciplines.

How does Simon like his coffee?

Simon likes a double espresso or a strong black Americano. At home, he is quite happy with a good instant.

What beer does Simon like to drink?

Simon likes a strong, hoppy IPA. His current favourite is Snake Oil from West Berkshire Brewery, a few miles from his home.

What wine does Simon like to drink?

Simon likes full-bodied red wine. His favourite variety is Zinfandel.

Let’s leave these online for a while, and see what the search engines do with them.

Update, March 2020: it worked.